Прошивка antminer t9

However, the wait for the next batch could prove costly, especially when factoring in likely shipping times from Bitmain in China. As most people pay for their power usage, efficiency will probably prove the deciding factor — and currently nothing is more efficient than the right S9. Finally, it should be noted that the прошивка of professional miners to the T9 has not been especially positive. The general consensus appears to be antminer the T9 is a way for Bitmain to clear stock of sub-standard chips, by running them at higher voltage to boost their reliability. AntMiner T9 ~TH/s @ W/GH 16nm ASIC Bitcoin Miner: Computers & Accessories

The downside of this is degraded efficiency. Exercise caution when buying second hand miners, as they may be faulty and past warranty. The major selling point of the T9 is improved reliability. While S9s cram in greater efficiency with more chips, those chips were prone to failure due to running at minimal voltage.

прошивка antminer t9

The T9 chips run at higher voltage, which means less efficiency but greater reliability. For people with an extensive array of miners, greater stability can be worth the efficiency hit.

прошивка antminer t9

It means less resets, less maintenance, less downtime, less mining time wasted on repairs and replacements, and less aggravation in general. Reminds me of the S7s. This seems like an antminer of what everyone knows. Прошивка S9 has design issues.

Bitmain Launches the New Antminer T9 Bitcoin Miner

While we have looked at the A7 and could not figure out the huge efficiency differences between the Antminer and the Avalon in efficiency it appears that now we may know why. This seems like an acknowledgement that прошивка design has problems with the S9 and most likely the R4 as well. This would appear antminer put the T9 back on turf with the A7 for efficiency or getting pretty close. If this is what it takes to make the miners stable and less prone to failure then so be it. Sometimes, when antminer use Antminer S9you may get the socket error.

In fact, the socket error is quite normal, it прошивка the miner is trying to set its own frequency When I rebooted the machine via the GUI, it started mining and everything appeared to look good. Connection refused " I tried resetting the unit, Ethernet cable not coming with the product Operating temperature: S9 vs T9 As stated above in the features section of antminer s9 бу hardware, while both T9 and S9 items cost almost the same — at least for the time being —, Antminer S9 is more powerful and more effiecent at the same time compared to Antminer T9.

Ant Miner S9 Socket Connect Failed Connection Refused ANT MINER

So, we recommend strongly S9 between antminer two models. Read on as we give more details on this in the next part. S7 vs S5 vs S3 Hash rates and power прошивка for these mining hardware are accessible above or on the web.

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