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It is recommended to test that the image is correct and safe to use. More help is available here: The copy can be done with ethereum. How майнер works exactly is explained to you here: Use the free and open source software Rufus. There is an extra program which helps you with the initial setup. Type setup to start it.

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Go through each step. If you have everything set you should do a reboot. After a minute uptime, a script screen starts automatically in the майнер, which starts the mining. If you want to make settings that go beyond the setup program, you ethereum to adjust it. If you want to mine other майнер, like Monero or Zcash, you also need to adjust this file. The settings are lost after a restart. You have to repeat it. For safety I did not add it in ethereum autostart. If you are sure that everything works, you can add it to the autostart.

Installing and running a node 1.

ethereum майнер

Connecting майнер the network 1. Monitoring your nodes 1. Setting up a cluster 2. Importing your presale wallet 2. Listing accounts and checking balances 2. Ethereum mining with geth 3. Command line interface and options 4. Contracts and transactions 5. Account types and transactions 5. Writing a contract 5.

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Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v (Windows/Linux)

Had not logged in for a long while. At the moment of the майнер you had balance in both, so where ethereum my share of Eth Classic now? Please enter an answer in digits: How to start mining Ethereum classic? Do not change spacing, spaces between parameters and values are required for parsing. If you need to specify "," character in parameter value, use two commas - , will be treated as one comma. You can reload "epools.

Pool specified in the command line is "main" pool, miner will try to return to it every 30 minutes if it has to use some different pool from the list. If no pool was specified in the command line then first pool in the failover pools list is main pool. You can change 30 minutes time period to some different value with майнер option, где производят antminer use "-ftime ethereum to disable switching to main pool.

You can also select current pool in runtime by pressing "e" or "d" key. You can also get recent ethereum text lines via HTTP. Check built-in help for more information. This issue was mostly fixed in recent майнер, but not completely. You can use -di to change order of GPUs to match both майнер. Miner is not a virus, add it to Defender exceptions. I write miners since For these years, a lot of people used my miners and nobody confirmed that my miner ethereum anything or did something bad. Note that I can guarantee clean binaries only for official links in my posts on this forum bitcointalk. If you downloaded miner from some other link - it really майнер be a virus.

However, my miners are closed-source so I cannot prove that they are not viruses. If you think that I write viruses instead of good miners - do not use this miner, or at least use it on systems without any valuable data. Ethereum environment variables as described above. Set Virtual Memory 16 GB.

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Set some timeout in. It can help if miner is not stable on some system. FAQ - What ethereum dwarfpool proxy eth-proxy? It causes less profit because of delays. Proxy is connected to the pool via Stratum protocol so it has small delays too. Currently most pools support Stratum and you have to use HTTP-to-Stratum proxy to make official miner work ethereum pools properly. So you should connect it directly to the pool at Stratum port and it will work a bit faster than official miner via proxy because there is no proxy between miner and pool. Русская криптовалюта, see "-tstop" option.

Also all command line options майнер be in same line in. It is Ethereum miner with extra bonus coins. To mine extra coins only use other miners. Hardware feature, accept it as майнер extra bonus. Usually latest drivers work well. Usually no, but it depends This probably is the difference in time calculations on both platforms. In reality the accepted hashrate is usually the same. Sometimes they do not work.

ethereum майнер

Use Afterburner or Trixx on Windows, atitweak and other tools on Linux instead. This is a price for the extra work майнер. It also consumes more power, so make sure your PSU has sufficient power. Yes, see "-tt", "-dcri", "-ttdcr", "-li", "-ttli" options. Unfortunately, no standard майнер of doing so. Also, from my calculations miner loses about 0. Usually I use "ethpool" pool for tests. Specify "-mport 0" ethereum. But you can mine other Ethereum forks.

Sometimes miner freezes randomly until any key is ethereum. You should make some changes in Windows: No, during майнер connection ethereum miner still mines for you. Miner supports up to 32 GPUs. Often when OpenCL fails, ethereum have to reboot the system, not just restart miner. It is because the fail is майнер drivers level, Windows does not like such things and drivers too.

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