Antminer s7 reset

I really like your comprehensive check list you made that depict which feature the miner has or not. Anyhow, my biggest worry about getting an S7 is the antminer. The new S7 is with different controller all data cable connectors is in one way. Also, the housing is different from from the top. The older housing is from top smooth, reset an reset pictures.

Great guide as always. What camera do antminer use to take those? I always am amazed by your photo work. Hero Member Offline Activity: Tupsu on September 27, Finksy on October 01, Is antminer wise to advise others to go against something they have made explicitly clear against doing for whatever reason? Will I do it myself? Of course not The splitters that dogie linked to are the right way to antminer, for how much they cost they give you peace of mind in regards to warranty. There are two reasons I can think of that you might "need" 3 connectors rather than 2. First is the current rating of the contacts in the connector. In this case using a splitter will protect the Miner connectors reset it will not protect the connector that is plugged into the splitter.

So good from the Miner Warranty point of view but of no value from an overall reliability point of view. Msi gtx 1080 gaming x 8g mining thing, Reset own 02 Antminers S7, and both came up with the same issue at the same time. Thank you for submitting a ticket. I have responded to the ticket with the information antminer t9 купить в you requested.

Hi, i have an S9, and one of the boards showme a lots of "x", then i restart my miner, from the control panel, now the board doesnt turn on. I need to remove the damaged board to send it bitmain. I have my s7 cards have been damaging, sometimes when the frequency of to step back on sometimes not and in one of the cases the card comes on but the s7 does not have the same power does not reach 4.

All 17 of my miners stopped working at the same time antminer now say "socket connection failed, Good morning, I request reset help since my S9 has presented a problem. The temperature of the third hashboard is reset longer displayed and two groups of zeros have disappeared in the ASIC state. This has caused the hash rate to be less than normal, obviously the hashboard does not work properly. Reset the S9 antminer the values will not be reactivated.

What can I do to resolve this situation? Air in fan spins at startup the exhaustr fans spins toward the end of the boot process at high speed only.

Please help with my S7 |

Hi, please submit a support ticket so that we can help you troubleshoot. You can submit the ticket right from antminer web site. I have a problem. Chain 6 is not shown in the tabs "Miner status". Chain 7 does not show the temperature of chip 1 and chip 2. I turn on the s9, the red led light on the chain 6.

What should I order for repair? I still have a guarantee. Same issue for me 6. One of reset hashing boards does not show up or work anymore. I put so much into this. What do I do now? Has this problem been addressed for anyone? Hi Edward, please submit a support ticket so that we can help you troubleshoot. Please include screen prints of the miner status and the miner overview, and a picture of the SN tag that shows the hash rate. Yes I have submitted support tickets and I just added screenshots in the reply section of the support e mail. Can you confirm you have received it? Antminer will not send you a new card panelI was told to ship the device entirely to China.

You are lucky, there is a service center in the USA, but in Russia there is not. I asked to send me a fee, I will install it myself. This is horrible news. It seems like if the other two boards are working fine then sending a replacement board would be the best option. I am bitmain antminer цена under warranty but I really do not want to send the whole machine back and pay shipping in addition to losing the mining profits and risk bitcoin s1 antminer damage or the miner getting lost reset the mail.

The miner will then reset with stock settings.

antminer s7 reset

Enter the current password and enter your new reset twice. Post a screenshot of your configuration page if still unsure. Select the downloaded file and click "Flash image". Do NOT interrupt this process or you will brick the unit. Do not touch equipment while powered, exposed electrical contacts may shock.

Fans may cause injury or antminer if material is ingested. Sharp edges may be cut, especially around any internal casing or heatsinks. If you are unsure of what to do, STOP and consult an expert.

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This information is for general guidance and does not constitute expert advice. We are not responsible if you, your property or a third party is injured or damaged as a result of any interaction with this information, and no warranty is provided. All text and images are covered under copyright law, dogiecoin. Please help with my S7. Hello, So I recent bought an Antminer S7 5. It had been running great until I attempted to upgrade the firmware for no real reason. Then I ran into the problem in reset video. I have tried to do a factory software default as well as a hard reset with no change. I will check this thread regularly, but if antminer have an answer or a question I constantly check my email chrishaefner gmail.

I will also donate some BTC for whoever gets me going.

antminer s7 reset

My first idea is if the miner uses a sd card for the firmware? Is there a factory reset that you could use?

Antminer S7 - Password not working anymore ! Please help

How about trying to load the same firmware again? Could that be used to restore this unit to a working state? I get the feeling that the asic is getting some weird power reading or temperature reading and then shutting down. Cloud mining is either expensive or a scam - users beware!

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