Antminer s7 прошивка

Bitcoin Forum February 04, Please login or register. Electrum users must upgrade to 3. Fubly, I performed a more in-depth undervolt testing today. I think this pretty much confirms that the undervolt settings for my S7 AntMiner running cgminer 4. I think this firmware is fantastic and has many valuable features. However, the one feature that is most important to me and I believe for many others is to extend the life of the S7 miner after the halving and as the difficulty increases by reducing utility costs.

Antminer S9, S7, L3+ Rackmount Containment Case — BlockTree Technologies

The amperage consumed by the S7 Miner does not noticeably change when undervolted even all the way down to the undervolt setting. Antminer there any other configuration that can be antminer script to get the Miner to recognize voltage changes with this firmware? Here are the results of my testing. I kept the frequency at the default for the S7-B7 miner and stepped down the voltage using every setting and pulled the statistics at the 5 minute mark. Start Hunting Earn Ethereum. Hero Member Offline Posts: Fubly, I noticed in your demo video you used the configuration option: What are these parameters for specifically and should I be using them for undervolting?

Are you using regular cryptoglance? Makes sure the primary is Alive, checks my username is still the username, and checks the pool name is still the pool name I set up. This alerts me if any of this information changes. If the Antminer S9 rate drops below 12, or the S7 belowit lets me know. It tracks S7 temperature and graphs it. Still working on doing this for S9.

antminer s7 прошивка

I asked Bitmain to look into the API setting and fix it on the next software update. Same thing with site internet. I split the system so the main server is running in the cloud at Amazon Web Services, and a proxy server is running at each прошивка my locations, gathering data and uploading it.

This lets me check status anytime on my phone or any computer where I can log into a browser. Antminer get emails if there is a problem. The system does antminer let me make any changes to any of the devices. It is a passive monitoring system only. For changes, I either use the antminer interface or use a custom script that logs into each device and makes the changes I прошивка.

If you are interested in having these capabilities for your system, what I can do is: Assist you in setting up this type of system for прошивка own environment. майнер antminer s10

antminer s7 прошивка

We could scope the project and price. Provide a hosted cloud service with a monthly charge per device. Прошивка you прошивка interested in antminer of these options, let me know. I need a couple of people where I can run a pilot with about miners antminer refine the customer facing aspects of the service. Sergey November 18, 4: Ralph Richardson December 16, 8: Any update on the Antminer S9 monitoring solutions would be awesome. We are proceeding with your plans!

MinToRRo Bitmain Antminer Firmware S5 / S7- The Flash one!

Rolf December 27, 6: I have switched to using AwesomeMiner for monitoring and management. James Halstead December 17, 5: I see some of this is older. Is прошивка out there available to antminer u3 miner on this type of plan still? I have a few units and would be willing to pay for some setup consultation.

Dwight January 1, Your email address will not be published. Still, by doing any of this you take the work and responsibility on you. I hated trying to find the solution from bad documentation and have been at this for two weeks. Read the whole deal and if it seems right, maybe this helps.

The Bitmain Antminer S5 has three major components: Power is supplied by an external PSU. The following instructions can be assumed to work to fix the BBB part, if: In our test case, the BBB ethernet jack lights blinked for a little bit, but there was no spool antminer of the unit fans, it never ran, never beeped, and there was no way to reach the unit via SSH, or get a web page or console. This implies something wrong with the BBB or operating system.

Maybe its a brick, maybe not. Here are some ideas to try to help if the above прошивка are met: Your unit OS is messed up but everything else antminer ok? You may need a прошивка linux mini antminer system only. Try to follow the Bitmain SD card rescue protocol. The S5 прошивка image you need will come from this https: Be patient, it has to write every freaking byte one by one.

This whole thing is to get you antminer new miner image, stick it прошивка an SD card, insert it into the miner, and power up. Good job, ignore the rest of this. Thank whomever made antminer image. Move ahead to the next B. We antminer getting deeper each time. You maybe have a power management chip issue PMIC.

There was a guy on the forums who did this after a power surge in the house. So you have to disassemble some stuff to get the BBB out. Power everything down, remove the 6 pin PSU supply wires to the blades. Touch some grounded stuff again, and remove the BBB as follows. You will need a phillips P2 screwdriver.

There are four screws holding the daughterboard to the frame.

antminer s7 прошивка

You have to remove this stuff because the Antminer is tightly wedged into the steel case at the ethernet jack. Careful not to drop the screws into the fins. Unattach the BBB-Daughterboard assembly from the frame plate. Slide it back a little away from the ethernet jack. Now you have free access прошивка the BBB. Pull it out steady прошивка even on each side. Dont pull on the white wire harness to the ASIC. Hold the daughter while antminer separate them from each other. Time to diagnose on the BBB. Reassure your board, it might be ok with antminer warm juice. The first thing you will see is that a bunch of stuff normally on the stock BBB is not actually there in the stripped down custom version of the BBB used by Bitmain.

There isnt a power jack, so you have to solder a supply line on to the прошивка. Dont use a new barrel jack, because there is something in the way of it on the daughterboard, and if the BBB barrel is there it wont fit back together. Presumably you could stick one on the backside, antminer ehhh 22 Ga solid copper wires are fine.

Прошивка know where to attach, look at the BBB board face, there is a largish rectangle on the board print, next to the pwr LED. Thats the BBB antminer input normally where a jack goes. Run a red wire to the gold oval hole inner most, and a black to the one outermost near the ethernet jack opening side. At least it doesnt have a current or open circuit ohms to the other two pins. Now прошивка them in. Also to note, the BBB has a power management chip, but is being fed antminer s3 buy by the daughterboard, which in turn gets it from antminer blades. Normally, the прошивка on the BBB header have voltage on them прошивка power capes.

But apparently now thats where the BBB is antminer power. I was amazed that the header was used as power. Its like in through the out door. Anyway so your source should be 5. Normally the input can be V but we dont have the schematics for this board so just use a well regulated 5V off a voltage regulator, supply, or 5V USB line spliced out and destroyed for this purpose. Now does the antminer s7 batch 11 LED light up?

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