Antminer s7 overclocking

The freq selection is set up simply and offers lots of options, so overclocking and downclocking is simple to do. In conversations with Jihan, he has stated that the 28nm process can be further optimized and with 28nm being a mature tech chips can be produced faster and cheaper while providing overclocking in performance. The larger die size allows for a greater surface for heat dissipation as well. These things add up to an S7 that has a small antminer factor and solid performance. The familiar form factor that Bitmain debuted with the S1 is there. Adding the tweaks of the overclocking and groove system on the chassis allowing for antminer s4 цена stacking coupled with a robust controller allow antminer new options for deployment.

The performance is the best on the market right now that you can get your hands on for Bitcoin ASIC miners.

antminer s7 overclocking

Bitmain has stated they will begin shipping the last week of Sept to the first week or so of Oct for batch one. From how the unit we received for review works they have the process down and things look good for their shipping window.

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The Antminer S7 is a solid miner that will fit in well from small to large installations. The S7 on stock overclocking is putting out a reliable 4. It is a top performer like the S5 before it. After antminer up overclocking box, I saw that the unit was safely packed with thick styrofoam protecting both ends of antminer miner, elevating the middle section of the miner. The entire miner was bubblewrapped as well, antminer it was shipped very securely. Included with the miner was a short instruction sheet from BITMAIN on powering up the miner, and a few safety tests to do bitmain antminer сайт производителя the miner before powering it up antminer the first time.

The document also said that the unit takes 16A overclocking power, which is untrue. On a Overclocking line, it only takes about 10A. Inaccuracies have been highlighted. The miner after being unboxed with included instruction document. After I had unpacked the miner and checked everything out, I decided to plug it into my power supply to see how it would really perform. This page gives the user plenty of info on how the device is running. The only feature that would be nice to see would be the ability to connect to the internet wirelessly with this miner.

Exclusive 1st Review: Bitmain Antminer S7, + th/s Using Only Watts -

The miner all set up and hashing. In my testing, the Antminer S7 took about W from the wall while mining. This makes the S7 a very impressive device in terms of efficiency, in my findings its efficiency is about My review copy miner stayed fairly cool as well. The web interface on the miner reported that hashboard temperatures ranged from 46C to 50C after a solid 9 hours of mining, with an ambient temperature of 22C or so.

I also used a Fluke IR thermometer to take temperature readings on the outside case of the antminer and was very pleased with my findings. The average temperature of the metal casing on the miner seemed to be in the 23 to 26C range, so there is very little heat being radiated out overclocking sides of the metal casing. The controller board and all cable connections were very cool as well, the controller board was at 23C, and all cable connections were in the C range as well. I also tried antminer hashboard take some temperature readings of the inside of the device, and found that the antminer internal temperature of the miner was 44C, which was only antminer couple degrees off from what the web interface was saying at the time.

The power usage of overclocking miner straight from the wall. Next day they send me a CAD bill. Page 2 of 3. Quote message in reply? In order to be overclocking to post messages on the Overclock. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and antminer asic s3 required details in the form below.

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If you do not want to register, fill this field only and the name will be used as user name for your post. BB overclocking is On. For the overclocking viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Options Quote message in reply? We will be doing a video demo of the unit with the Bitmain watt PSU shortly. The power connection setup is a bit different than you are used to seeing on Antminers. The beefier controller requires a PCIe connection to antminer it power. Each hashing board requires all three plugs connected and uses roughly watts. What we did for this review was connect two of them to one Antminer.

Then connected the 3rd board and the controller to the other PSU. It is important to remember only to connect one PSU to a hashing board. Do not mix multiple PSUs on the same board. Also of note is to power on the PSU that does not power the controller first. This arrangement will mean the hashing boards are powering up first for the controller to detect when you overclocking on that PSU last. When the Antminer S7 is running, the noise is less than expected for a dual fan unit that is having to dissipate the heat generated in such a small package. Bitmain did a good of pairing fans that are high CFM yet not screaming loud.

At 4 feet, it registers antminer dB.

antminer s7 overclocking

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