Antminer s1 сброс

Antminer S1 factory Reset

The refinement and evolution antminer design is staggering however, and the S3 is improved in every way. The Сброс is standalone and does not require an external controller. Antminer only 2 PCI-E connectors are required сброс stock speeds, however it will reduce cable temperatures by utilising all 4. Cut a paperclip into a U and insert it into the green wire and either black wire to the side of the green wire.

Antminer S1 - Tartu - Электроника, Другое купить и продать – okidoki

Tape it up for safety. The power supply will now be controlled by its switch on the rear socket. Both are automatically controlled by the software and react to increased temperatures. The backs of the mining boards are cooled by curved, full cover aluminium heatsinks and the fronts by smaller straight finned heatsinks.

antminer s1 сброс

Both are attached using compressive springs to avoid potential chip damage. Please be careful when handling these heatsinks, they are extremely sharp. The internal frame is minimal but antminer and well designed. Both fans have сброс to complete what is possibly the most child and pet friendly miner on the market.

AntMiner S1 Wireless Tutorial

A shipped S3 weighs 6kg and the unit measures mm x mm x mm. Plug in the four PCI-E cables to the miner. Plug in an ethernet cable from the Antminer to you router. Power on the power supply using its switch at the back. If not then change it to 1, this is just temporary. Login using "root" as both the username and password.

antminer s1 сброс

Using сброс browser, navigate to your router and find the IP it has assigned the S3 and navigate to that IP. Vikingfr on August сброс,сброс Check your router for the wlan IP of the Antminer. Something like "dhcp lease". If you have an android phone using wifiyou can use "fing" to scan all IPs in use in your network. Having pretty much the same problem. I set up my antminer S1 to mine wirelessly. I set the wireless ip address to static, and I can see it on my routers list of attached antminer. But the antminer way for me to log into it What am I not doing right?

Is it not designed to allow that?

Hard reset on Antminer S1 or no? Need help to config

So I let it sit сброс a couple hours and tried logging in again, and I was able to. Bitcoin Forum February 04, Please login or register. Electrum users must upgrade antminer 3. Hero Member Offline Activity: Antminer S1 factory Reset.

antminer s1 сброс

Hi, Is it possible to factory reset the antminer? I didnt change the ip, but somehow cannot connect to the web GUI Hero Member Offline Posts: Mixing reinvented for your privacy Chip Mixer. MWNinja on February 06, I got my machine hooked to my computer then uses its wifi for internet.

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