Antminer for litecoin

So can it or can it not. If you want to mine something other than BTC with your Antminer, visit multipool. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

antminer for litecoin

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Antminer L3 / L3+ Scrypt Miner Review – Is It the Best Litecoin?

Submit a antminer text post. Welcome to the community, and please follow the rules in litecoin sidebar! Discussion of other currencies should go for their relevant subs. As you might have figured out by the suggestions, its not possible. Eventhough Antminer offers a decent rig power of 1. The reason of unsupportiveness is: Difference antminer the Algo adopted. And moreover, this litecoin Algo had been unveiled for 4 years back.

So not much cryptocoins had adopted this Algo. This heavy algo would not be resolved with a coin rig of 1. But i guess there are some ASICs which supports dual mining.

Can a Bitmain Antminer mine Litecoin? : litecoinmining

Antminer surf would move the fog away Hope this helped you n thnx fr the A2A. Based on the other answers, no. Litecoin by Awesome Gunbot. Automate your cryptocurrency trading with Gunbot. Gunbot is an advanced trading bot. You set the rules, the bot executes your trades. Antminer More at awesome-gunbot. Is there a litecoin limit to Litecoin? You can choose reporting category for send message to website administrator. Admins for or may not choose to remove the comment or block the author.

antminer for litecoin

This means it will only work with Litecoin and other Scrypt-based coins. If you visit this CoinWarz link: Scroll down until you find the coins with Scrypt written below their icon on the left.

The #1 Best Litecoin Mining Hardware - Antminer L3 / L3+ Scrypt Miner Review

There should be about 30 of them. At the time of writing, Gulden appears to be the most profitable one to mine.

antminer for litecoin

I would suggest finding a pool which will auto-direct your hashpower towards the most profitable Scrypt coin or allow multimining. What pools are you working in? Would you share that info? Antminer they delayed it for it, the BTC price has more than litecoin, so it would only cost around.

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