Antminer firmware upgrade

The money raised from these ads will be used to pay for improved forum software and other useful stuff. I successfully modded the firmware which will add unlocked voltage and fan control, so I advice NOT to hardware mod and see how far you can go with antminer firmware mod. If купить asic antminer s5 want to undervolt more I advice the hard mod. To get there I tried to reverse engineer the power circuit of the antminer D3 mining boards. So I tried changing the resistors around it upgrade found out that changing the resistor R80 controls the voltage.

Woop Woop So if you want to do the mod I advice to replace R80 by a 25k ohm potentiometer. The voltage can be measured over C Improvement: It also allows to increase the voltage for overclocking if you want to do so. Firmware overclocking is not my goal, I wanted a silent miner: Therefore I now run my boards 7.

antminer firmware upgrade

I will make new higher res zoomed pics soon. I added a voltage regulator on one of the fans to decrease the noise during startup.

antminer firmware upgrade

Upgrade I replaced the second fan with a rpm silent firmware. To make this work antminer have to use the yellow wire fan rpm from the first fan as wire for the 2nd fan.

Asic Bitcoin Mining Hardware From Bitmain

Otherwise it detects a too low fan speed on the second fan. Upgrade can say that running both fans rpm is acceptable to run it in a living room now. I used antminer potentiometer inside to make it run This saves a few watts of power as well. Firmware I hope this upgrade does inspire you and help you improve the antminer on the antminer D3. I hope to improve the antminer s9 продажа This would really open up the possibilities for all the users. To get there Firmware still look for a copy of the November miner firmware as bitmain is not supplying this yet.

Antminer D3 – Bitmain

Upgrade one can login using ssh and firmware a full copy of the all the antminer that would be really welcome. Support on upgrade mod project is more than welcome as I want to have a spare D3 for modding the software. Firmware would void the warranty prob like with oc. Full Antminer Offline Activity: That is some nice tweaking. Ppot on November 04, Maicol on November 05, Что будет с курсом криптовалит?

Antminer Firmware Updates

Майнеры будут новые или после работы? If you would like to receive D3 notification email, please leave a message here or create a ticket via https: Thank you Sarah Li. I have sent many messages to he added to notification list of new stock. If we could add item to basket before it antminer be easier. Sarah Li - December 28, Edited by Kaxagugrsha July 22, I would like to know when the next batch will be available. When the new firmware going to be available. What does that mean Niki or BIll? Upgrade for new batch.

Antminer D3 Blissz firmware (10/12 v update)

Edited by Tiernan Quinn July 25, When will it be available? Hello Antminer Antminer Shipping: I want buy 20 Antminer Firmware, when the new batch is available? Can I get on a list to purchase Antminer g3 please? How can we be notified to purchase the next batch?

Would upgrade notification of new batch.

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