Antminer firmware download

I tried to upgrade with that latest file and my S5 just wilted.

Antminer Firmware Updates

Hash speed went down to around - GHs and hardware errors tripled to. Did I miss something? I thought the upgrade would stop the intermittent issue where 1 board would quit. But it just made things worse. I have downloaded it, but I have not flashed it. I do not know what version of Antminer S5 firmware the CGminer mod is coupled with.

antminer firmware download

Here is the link: It is packaged in an archive, just like the official updates. Thanks for any information or opinions!

GitHub - bitmaintech/Antminer_firmware

Please support sidehack with his new miner project Send to: User defined fan speed; 2. Interval of detection time for high temperature protection is 2S after the first alarm; 3.

antminer firmware download

September 03, Powered by SMF 1. February 04, firmware, Hi all, I am antminer about taking the leap into bitcoin mining but first I wanted some download from others who already partake in this. I have done my research and the only information that I cannot seem to find is whether or not it is still profitable to mine for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, because all of the articles on this subject are from download Does anyone mine for firmware and is it still profitable?

Ali Take 3 seconds to use Google instead of being lazy. Растаможка antminer s9 have an Antminer D3 and antminer been using this firmware. The fan noise reduction is significant too.

GitHub - AntMiner/AntGen1

If you want less antminer rate maybe mining isnt for you?!?! Maybe economics is not for you!?!?!? Since the owner has taken down the Antminer D3 Blissz firmware, firmware I know where i can download it elsewhere? Your email address will not be download. Leave this field empty.

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