Syscooling antminer

The high syscooling of our cooling plate has been antminer acknowledged. Now we imporved the water nozzle to have a better heat dissipation effect. Showed in the below picturer. Removed the the original air cooled hash board and fans.

Syscooling SC-P70 test on Vimeo

Fix the hash board to the cooling plate with screws. PCIe connector is up. Ensure that each screw is basically the same of tension, not be too loose or too tight. So the hash board would be falt, syscooling thermal comductivity would be good. Fix the other hash board to the water cooling plate with same way. And link them as the photo show. Dongyuan Syscooling Technology Co.

For the last 16 years, the company has been adhering to the foundation of scientific research and development, and designing water cooling syscooling dissipation solutions based on customer demands, every set of solution has theoretical support based on scientific thermal analysis, through professional simulating calculation, authentic environment establishment experiment, antminer integration antminer actual customer circumstances, the company spares no effort in delivering the optimal solution to customers.

Hero Member Offline Activity: This is an amazing mod! Tupsu on January 19, Is there screw holes for both the S5 and the S3 on each side? The C1 has syscooling holes so that one board is facing antminer down from the other, while the new kit shows the S5 boards both upright?

syscooling antminer

How is the noise of these things? Maby I can make them watercooled, I want to run them at or MrTeal on January 20, Tupsu on January antminer, January 20, Only suckers would buy anything from this company. You want to judge on past sales and treatment of customers? We just syscooling you to talk if you ordered this product!

Syscooling SC-BC2 Watercooling Kit:Cool your multiple C1 antminers down

Even though syscooling paypal is syscooling to be having problems with amount of paypal disputes trust us we are great! And we managed to kill our company name in one product. Never again will people purchase from us unless it is antminer like before on kits. You have to admit it is impressive we can treat customers so bad, and have promises as antminer as the pumps we test.

syscooling antminer

Casascius Addict Legendary Offline Activity: Tupsu on December 10, Blazedout on December 10, ,

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