Rx 580 armor 8g oc eth

You may need to adjust the voltages too in order to make the rig stable, but yes first be sure your risers and and all connections are secure and properly sized. If you just have those two cards, watts is plenty big power supply.

rx 580 armor 8g oc eth

Can i also copy 0: If that is what the memory is displaying as, then yes you should be able to transfer the 0: I would assume it would be the same behavior with your 0: Out of the interest of curiosity, are you using the Polaris Editor mentioned in my post or another fork? Do you have any other values displayed other than the 0: I try with with Polaris Editor from post and with newer 1. All values are displayed in 0: What about DAG file size for Ethereum mining?

What is the difference?

rx 580 armor 8g oc eth

For Ethereum and most coins today 4 GB is plenty for the foreseeable future months. So for performance 4GB cards will run about the same as 8GB cards with one minor caveat. That покупка antminer s9 in most cases manufacturers put their best memory in their top of the line 8GB cards, meaning not only do they have more memory than their 4GB counterparts, but that memory can be clocked a little bit higher.

Of course this comes at a cost of a higher up-front price when you purchase the card. If you are buying locally you could purchase one, take it home run GPU-Z on it and look at the memory manufacturer. If it is Samsung I would go back and buy the rest in a heartbeat as that is a very good deal at the moment.

rx 580 armor 8g oc eth

So a simple math exercise is does once card cost more than the price premium of jumping up to a RX on 5 cards. This is quite eth bit more than simply buying that additional performance by adding another card. Wow, what a feedback! Thank you very much!!! Maybe eth the RX 8G in my second rig. Did you try to go lower on Vcore and Vmem? I have had luck at stable, can go for a little while but will need higher voltages again. Hey could you please explain why moding Armor is risky? I thoad if sumtn happens u can restore it from backup?

Am newbie in all this stuff…. I am IMer and ur website has really amazing info, u rank high for some keywords and have nice targeted traffic. Now granted, a lot of people do this successfully, but as with anything there is always a risk that something could go wrong and leave you with a non-functioning component. So again, I need 580 emphasis to everyone that this website only offers information but it is your choice whether or eth to act on it and anything you do is at your own risk. As far as your second comment, I am looking into adding some advertising to offset the web-hosting fees, but I mainly do this as a hobby and a way to give back to the community.

I try to write my articles with the beginner in mind, so while that may make them a little longer and detailed than need be, especially for the more experience miners, I 580 hope they are useful for newcomers armor as yourself. Good luck in your mining! I really liked the explanation. But I wonder if the data shown is real. This information was obtained through the GPU-z, are they correct? Yes, all my data is correct as I record if off the mining rig during the testing. GPU-Z only records a portion of the power a GPU uses and not the total card draw, nor does eth record any power usage from the rest of the system or the efficiency lost through a PSU.

If you read part II armor the guideI go over how I derive all the power readings from actual at-the-wall measurements. I wanted to thank you for the explanation. I got these cards and you are answering to all my questions about setup. I am interested to see 580 part 2 when it will be available for more data. You are the best. Part II is already available. Thank you for купить асик майнер antminer l3 help! Yes, 580 was another earlier commenter who also had 0: I copied the 0: Power in friendly Manitoba is only metered at 0. Wolf0, how in the hell are you getting Hi Wolf0, me again read something from you on Armor and we spoke for a bit on bitcointalk.

Anyhow, any tips are much welcome. Not sure how the retailer will react. I had the Uber Mix in the: Many thanks in advance! Kasper Jorgensen Nov 5,5: In the end, do you have any FPS issues with your current rig?

RX Hashrate - Page 3 — Ethereum Community Forum

asic antminer s11 If not 580 there is no reason to upgrade. If you do, I will suggest investing your money in a GPU that are a higher model. Reply to Kasper Armor. The MSI armor is the worst cooler out there. Hello guys, I am sorry for asking such a simple question, but I am a complete noob at mining. If I buy asus strix rx 8gb, which is not oc, will it be possibble to flash the bios?

Will I lose warranty? Hi, does anyone know the hashrate of this card eth if it can be OCed?

MSI RX Armor 8G Review and BIOS Mod Guide – CryptoYeti

June edited June What happened yesterday, all the cards dropped to 29, what is the reason for this. I am using Claymore 9. Dzembo77, will you post your settings?

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