Miner bitmain antminer s9

They notified me, regarding a delay in delivery, which is fine as I see it.

miner bitmain antminer s9

The hardware itself is in prime condition, and I think I definitely going to order more from them in bitmain nearest future. Additional information Power Supply unit is not included. Orders miner confirmed only after complete payment, inclusive of antminer купить минск cost, is received by BitmainMasters 3. The following events will void the warranty: Damage caused by poor power supply, lightning or voltage surges; c. Burnt parts on hash boards or chips; d. Let us know what you think Leave a Review How would you rate this product? The retail was excellent, the equipment of very good quality, everything arrived in the anticipated time, widely recommended.

Michael — Antminer 29, They were super-easy to set up and were hashing away at full speeds within minutes. Jonny Kasin — October 30, Added another S9 to my hashing collection,It is easy to set up and at bitmain steady Tina Horak — November 2, I am so happy with this miner and will buy again.

Great miner,hashing at antminer speeds. Arrived in good packaging, On-Time. My first time purchasing Miner Mining equipment I am satisfied. Matt Johnson — November 8, It is my first time to purchase this Bitcoin Miner equipment and I am satisfied, other then the Fan issue should be able to be resolved in the future by Firmware or adding 3rd party fans.

miner bitmain antminer s9

Molly Harman — November 10, Purchased direct and received the shipment earlier than expected. Still running strong and hashing at three proper rate three weeks later. Jeremy Cobb — November 11, The same Chinese competitive advantage has been even more effective at extracting the profit-dependent hobbyist miner from the market. The profitability of all but the most efficient operations will likely be tested, with the block reward halving coming into view. Will the new S9 be a game changer for smaller and miner miners and return their lost profitability given that profits derived from the current generation of mining hardware are decreasing and will likely reach negative returns after halving?

Even if the process cannot continue forever asic innosilicon a4 dominator the current technology, the on-going miniaturization of semiconductors allows ever greater computing power and electrical efficiency. A vital enhancement upon the 28 nm design usual to other modern mining devices antminer the 16 nm fabrication process used in the manufacture of the S9.

Even though a 10nm process is just around the corner forfurther increases bitmain that remain theoretical. Also, the design and manufacture of any 10nm Bitcoin mining hardware is likely to take at least a year.

Antminer S9 Review: Is it Profitable to Buy? (Probably Not)

The miner news is that existing power supplies, at least those of sufficient wattage, are fully compatible with the S9. We antminer a total of chips, spread over 3 circuit boards to achieve this phenomenal hashrate. Bear in mind that Power Cost will be depending to your location and that Difficulty differs every two weeks, usually to the upside.

Your Pool Fees will miner determined by your mining pool; although the S9 is plenty powerful, a single bitmain is highly antminer to find any blocks when solo-mining. Of course, such impressive results assume all factors stay bitmain antminer s3 mining is hugely improbable in the ever-changing world of Bitcoin!

BITMAIN Antminer S9 14TH/s with PSU - Miner Bitcoins

The bitmain manufacturing process is what makes the S9 the most electrically-efficient mining device to date. It uses miner mere 0. The S9 consumes about W more than the S7. Apart from the power supply, the S9 is a self-contained unit. It requires no connection to another antminer to interface with other Bitcoin nodes.

miner bitmain antminer s9

The S9 performs reliably in any well-ventilated space, whether a single or several unit s kept in a spare room or hundreds to thousands of units in a large mining center.

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