C1 antminer

Repeat for the other side using one of the longer sections of tubing.

c1 antminer

Join the other half of the quick release connector to mate the pair. Step 6c - Quick Release Barb Fittings Follow Step 6 a above but using two 8cm lengths of tubing instead Place a spring clamp over the exposed length of tube and work it down out of the way. Push one end antminer the quick release fitting into the tube. Step 7 Connect the short tube from the C1 to the outlet [the bottom, black msi gtx 1080 armor 8g oc характеристики on the pump using the process in Step 6 a.

Connect the third long tube to the other port on the pump using the process in Step 6 a. Step 8 Connect the long tube coming from the C1 to whichever fitting on the radiator is the lowest. Connect antminer higher one to the pump. We antminer shop отзывы now completed the circuit so double check all spring clamps are in place and that the tubing is at or near to the end of the fitting. Step 9 Flip the Tube over and check that all screws are present and screwed in. Make sure that the 5 bit switch on antminer mining board sharing a controller antminer unique.

Step 10 Unscrew antminer cap on the top of the pump antminer fill it with coolant. Lift the pump up so the coolant drains into the tubing. Refill the pump and then turn on antminer PSU and the pump. Do NOT allow the pump to spin with no fluid in the pump as this will antminer it or cause it to fail.

Remember the pump takes approximately 3 seconds to stop spinning once the power is removed. Continue until there are no more bubbles in the system, and the pump is refilled to full. Turn the radiator upside down once or twice to help remove trapped air. Step 11 optional You can also purchase anti kink coils to prevent the tubing from kinking and getting antminer when placed at an angle or being twisted. They also antminer great under UV light. The internal frame is minimal but solid and well designed. All fans have grills to complete what is possibly the most child and pet friendly miner on the market.

A shipped C1 weighs 6kg and the unit measures mm x mm x mm without watercooling installed. Prepare the watercooling for the miner. Plug in the eight PCI-E cables to the miner. Plug in an ethernet cable from the AntMiner to you router. Power on the power supply using its switch at the back.

If not then change it to 1, this is just temporary. Login using "root" as both the username and password. Using a browser, navigate to your router and find the IP it has assigned the C1 and navigate to that IP. Enter your pool information in the below format. Navigate to the page "Miner Status" to check mining has started. You can then change your router subnet back to whatever you are used to using. Setup consists of installing the water pump, radiator, filling the coolant, connecting a PSU and an Ethernet cable. Skving technology is used to design New-Style water cooling block.

This allows for a large heat-transfer area, which keeps the PCBs exceptionally cool.

ANTMINER C1 Discussion and Support Thread

Four hashing PCBs with 16 BM chips per board are mounted to the both sides of two aluminum water cooling antminer, which are mm-long, mm-high and 13mm-thick. Each water cooling block contains 24 antminer channels for efficient heat transfer. A quiet fan works in tandem with the water cooling blocks in order to keep other board antminer s7 доходность on the C1 cool.

Die Casting Forming technology integrates the common heatsink with a water cooling block, compacts two water cooling blocks working in tandem.

Antminer C1 Standard |

Navigate to the page "Miner Status" to check mining has started. You can then change your router antminer back to whatever you are used to antminer. Unplug your computer from all internet sources. Plug in an ethernet cable from the AntMiner to your computer. Click on "Internet Protocol Version 4" and click properties. Select "Use the following IP address" and enter the following: Restart the configuration instructions as above.

Almost all "x" on one row of "Chips" - A hashing board may be mispowered or faulty.

Antminer c1 Bitcoin SHA Mining Rig Overview - Reviews & Features |

Recheck your cabling and PSU. How do I change the login password? Enter the current password and enter your new one twice. What is the SSH login? Can I turn the beeping off when the miner antminer mining? I antminer connect to the AntMiner but its not hashing? What temperatures should I aim for? Temperatures should not be let to rise above 70C.

Where can I get the latest firmware?

c1 antminer

How can Antminer tell what firmware version I have now? How do I install the latest antminer t9 asic miner Select the downloaded file and click "Flash image". Do NOT interrupt this process or you will brick the unit. How do I reset settings to default? The miner will then reset with stock settings. SD image in case of corruption. See step by step instructions here. Or youtube video here. Hello all, Bitmain has employed me to help liaise with the community and later provide technical support. They have done this in antminer to help provide: This is a paid positionhowever it will in no way affect my independence or freedom in being critical towards Bitmain outside of this thread.

My contract specifically stipulates: Good looking product but more complex then the normal s3 for beginner miners.

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