Bitman antminer r4 купить

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bitman antminer r4 купить

Сохраните antminer t9и объявления в этой теме купят в ленте eBay. Вы также будете получать эл. Отмените подписку на antminer t9 bitman, и соответствующие объявления исчезнут из ленты eBay. При появлении новых товаров вы будете получать эл. Перейти к основному контенту. Оптимизировать поиск для antminer t9. Уточнить подробнее Формат Купить. Все объявления - Текущая страница Аукцион Купить сейчас Тематические объявления. Сообщите нам свое местоположение. Уточнить подробнее Формат Antminer. Все объявления - Текущая страница Аукцион Купить сейчас Тематические объявления. Показать похожие Новый Биткойн физической firmware antminer s7 монета BTC позолоченные 1 унций примерно Показать похожие Аппаратный сторожевой Pc Usb для добычи без antminer автоматической работы восстановления bitman.

Предыдущая цена ,74 руб. Предыдущая цена ,71 руб. Показать похожие Usb Watchdog карта V2. Показать похожие WiFi Usb сторожевой компьютера, ПК, мобильного телефона удаленный модуль управления питанием. Предыдущая цена ,44 руб. Предыдущая цена ,56 руб. Новые товары — это абсолютно новые, неиспользованные, нераспакованные и неповрежденные товары.

Asic Bitcoin Mining Hardware From Bitmain

Контракты на майнинг 0. In it, the manufacturer has changed some of his habits, but the main objective was to reduce noise while maintaining performance antminer download has been solved successfully. Shipping from China took a little more than a week. Seeing the impressive size of the box - twice more than "odd" of the Ants, I thought that it along with a miner in some way was the power supply or something else useful, but the courier I it immediately dissuaded.

Bitmain Antminers | Wholesale China Store

Actually, the miner and the power supply is somewhat dispersed on the way and arrived the same day. Of course, I was curious what is in this roomy box. But the delivery, like the S9, turned out to be extremely ascetic. In addition to miner, it was a piece of paper containing brief information about designs of miner, in terms of energy and connection, and also describes what not to do with the miner, and what to do if you did what not to do. According to the instructions, I have long and carefully shook the miner, but all was quiet.

Radiators and other items remained in place. Not rattled and rigidly fixed fee hashing. After extraction Antminer R4 out of the box, immediately became noticeable its difference from all previous models of the company.

bitman antminer r4 купить

With less one-third Hasrat compared to the S9, it antminer exceeds in size the older brother, its dimensions are 51 22 10 cm compared to 35 The case is made of bonded studs steel купить with a thickness of 1. The body does not walk and bitman not bend. While the S9 you can disassemble any object caught antminer s4 разгон hand Phillips screwdriver, for disassembly купить the R4 need to antminer the tool thinner and patience - screws in it much more.

Assembled miner resembles a small piano, under the lid which is key boards are hashing. This interesting form occurs from the more massive cooling system, which follows. Antminer R4 in everything except housing and ventilation, very similar to bitman "big brother" - S9. It is based on the same nm chips BM energy efficiency is about 0.

Bitmain Antminer R4 ~TH/s at W/GH Quiet Home Bitcoin Miner | RIKITRADER

Mining IN BMminer version 1. Unlike S9, within R4 are only two boards hashing, also for 63 of the chip, but they have a more elongated shape and the chips are not located in six rows, and three. This is done to improve the efficiency of blow - in R4 it is not longitudinal, as in other Antminer, and transverse. The performance of the device with factory default frequency of MHz stated in 8.

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