Antminer u2 bfgminer

Is there a different driver I should be using? Antminer soon as I plug an erupter in, cgminer starts throwing errors. Is your computer recognizing the antminer? What command are you sending to BFGminer to tell it to mine on this new U2? Also, aliexpress antminer s7 pool is reporting 1.

I think bfgminer bfgminer only works with silabs driver and if you have cgminer running, then the drivers are set to winusb. With the U1 i assume the U2 also this was needed or it did not recognise the device.

antminer u2 bfgminer

My AntMiner U2 antminer will not work either. When I change it to bfgminer. All from this bfgminer It works with the special version of CGminer for antminers, if you want to get up and running with something in the meantime try that. Remove antminer and plug in antminer U1 or U2. Plug in all your ant miners. Open antminer s9 окупаемость июль 2017 control panel and check which com ports the antminers a set to and add them in run command batch file.

BFGminer only works with silabs driver. Zadig is for cgminer as that points the miners to win usb. Remember not to have extra spaces between commands as then the bfg miner will open and close or not recognise. By the way do you have any problems with antminer Bfgminer hash rate falling after a few hours of operation? One thing that comes to mind was that Bfgminer had to install different drivers for the antminers. What I hate, you have to use their cgminer 4.

Can you specify Antminer overclock settings in bfgminer config file? - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

On Sat, Nov 22, at 1: On Sat, Nov antminer, at 2: The Antminer S1 device comes with its own operating system and a preinstalled version of cgminer as part of the flash firmware. No configuration should be necessary. By default, Antminer U1 devices run at a clockspeed of This command allows you to specify a chosen frequency to bfgminer to antminer all ANU devices at.

Cgminer will bfgminer to find the nearest frequency the device supports and will report if the frequency is not exactly as requested. When I sudo apt-get install, it says unable to find package hidapi. Now it says unable to fetch in submodule path libblmaker.

Antminer U3 support by luke-jr · Pull Request # · luke-jr/bfgminer · GitHub

All resolved per our discussion in the bitcointalk. Ok, downloaded and will test it with the U3. Compiled on a Pi. FYI U2 is just a U1 capable of antminer l3 украина slightly higher clock speed. When you check the antminer report the speed will usually swing up or down each time you refresh the page this is based on a comparison off difference in time since last accepted valid bfgminer.

BTC Guild has a chart page and it will give your your average over one hour, for 24 hrs. This is the best indicator of Valid Results. It does no good to hash at umpteen Giga Has per second if you have a high number of rejects. If you start accumilating a lot of Hardware Errors, you have an internal issue for sure.

Antminer U2 setup, at a loss : BitcoinMining

When these stale and dupes get out of hand your definatley having communication issues. Sometimes the can be resolved bfgminer simply quiting the miner refreshing the OS by restart and launching again. As the new NET connection will likely take a different path antminer the hope that bfgminer is more stable than the one you had been on. No hardware errors and the stale rejects are very low. Im gonna run this on a faster network connection at home and see what happens. They use different methods to calculate speed. Keep track of your Valid Shares Average at your pool.

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Bitcoin mining Antminer U2 Overclocked to GH/s

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antminer u2 bfgminer

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