Antminer s5 ip

This is going to be a quick video on my Bitcoin mining set up.

AntMiner-S5 User Guide | Bitcoin | Ip Address

A little information on these Bitcoin miners each AntMiner S3 is generating around gigahash per antminer u3 настроить which gives me a grand total of 1. I got this set up in my spare bedroom of my house. So, you can get a great deal on these things on ebay. This — if you do get into it do it as a hobby, this is not a get rich quick scheme. The website I like to use is coinbase. Now one thing you need to be made aware of when dealing with Bitcoins is the market for Bitcoins is very volatile.

Alright guys, a little bit more on my Bitcoin miners. I do have them working in a mining pool. And a mining pool is thousands of people that are working together to mine together to find a block, and a block consists of 25 bitcoins and if you find that one block the profits are split between all the people that are mining for that pool, I mean mining for that block.

Antminer the site that I use is btcguild.

antminer s5 ip

It works out very well for me. And why did I choose to go this route and spend this type of money? Pretty much, I like the fact that Bitcoins are not centralized to antminer government or corporation. Pretty much anything that I do with Bitcoins can be off the record. I can also take that Bitcoins, convert it into US currency and purchase silver or any type of precious metal that I want. I just want to dabble in it. Setting static IPs for every single device in your network at the antminer itself is for the birds.

antminer s5 ip

Much much easier to just be able to put a note on the device with the actual IP number. Why do you have to worry about "various types of interface" when you set a static IP? That seems to be a totally strawman comment. Powered by SMF 1. February 04, August 02, August 03, antminer, The router will assign you both IPs. If you go to the router admin page, normally at You can then connect to the antminer through your browser and configure it. You may have to setup your computer to share the internet with your antminer, for example.


antminer s5 ip

Most university networks dont allow pocket routers onto their network either btw as they are a security concern. For the initial setup? The antminer and your computer would both be hooked up to your router, in the "computer" ports. Thank you very much. Where was your computer hooked up to then? And where was the продам antminer r4 hooked up to then? I connected the router to the wall. And the antminer is connected to the ethernet of the router. The computer was connected wirelessly to the router WIFI.

The other problem that you will have is that you are on a shared network and someone could change the pool settings on it. Often a secondary fan is antminer to the back-end, where screw holes exist for this purpose. The S5 will automatically search out an available IP address to use and features an intuitive control panel. That said, a cheap, second-hand S5 in decent condition is a great tool for learning the ropes of Bitcoin mining.

The S5 is also a good platform to experiment with hardware, firmware and software tweaks and mods. Jordan Tuwiner Last updated June 27, Enter your pool information in the below format. Navigate to the page "Miner Status" to check mining has started.

Antminer S5 and S3 - Bitcoin Mining Setup

Hero Member Offline Posts: Hero Member Offline Activity: The pictures make your guides the best! From Siberia with love! Rabinovitch on January 02, What is the SSH login? GamerMiner on January 03, Now I need some advice from you Please list antminer if it possible.

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