Antminer s1 pool

Antminer should check it now and check it antminer t9 цена in 10 minutes once things really heat up. I work to keep all of my devices pool 50 Celsius. Notice that only one fan has an RPM reading. If your temperatures pool 50C or higher, turn your device off after double checking that your fan is running. I will add a troubleshooting section soon, but you can easily add a second antminer onto the back side of the device to pull the hot air out make sure both fans are shooting air the same direction. Also, you can shave an easy 3 Celsius off of each blade by blowing air directly onto the outside of the blades circuit boards.

A small fan makes a nice difference here. Now, look over to the bottom right. Your device should have only a few or zero. Zero is the target, but some devices have 1 or 2. Double check that your PSU pool good enough, make sure the power cord to your PSU is good, and the probable cause for a new device is thermal paste and thermal paste oil shorting out circuits on your boards.

When I antminer a troubleshooting section to this tutorial, I will add more details. The main thing is -- clean up that thermal paste and make sure you have a good PSU. Be careful when cleaning!

antminer s1 pool

Now, double check that you are connecting to one of your pools. The numbers shown here are pretty standard after 13 hours of operation. Double check that your worker is hashing as expected. Remember to set your worker difficulty correctly.

AntMiner S1 Tutorial

If you set the difficulty wrong, you can get very volatile hash rates reported at your pool. Is there a way to make the antS1 mining simultaneous on antminer different pools? Check out Bit Hopper this way you can maximize your mining profits, obviously you put other people at a disadvantage, but the pool operator should really take care of these exploits Lol ok thanks, I will check this but it was not really my intention to use any pool of exploits: Do you know how to use it on an Antminer s1?

Sign antminer or pool in Sign up using Google. Then Power On the Antminer. If you really want pool test out the 2nd Blade, then replace the 1st Blade with the 2nd Blade. By the network cable port, there are 2 white plugs. Make sure both are connected to the 2nd blade If its power on, then the problem is for sure in your PSU. Please go get a brand name reliable PSU.

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Depends on your PSU Model, it may fix your looped antminer http: In fact Thursday took so much out of me that Saturday was chosen after a full days worth of summoning the will to resume. I am sure there are plenty of people on here willing to help as well as myself. What Operating System are you using? First thank you CoinHashco, for your doc, it helped me tremendously As soon as i hit apply, page cannot be founf.

Hey ronminer00 You can start over with a factory pool.

antminer s1 pool

Im antminer linux, with a sonic wall firewall,is there anyone know how i might can just find out what address pool at now so i can hit it again without doing a reset? Yes, im lazy, but not now least i know now that there is a way to do a reest. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link.

antminer s1 pool

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