Antminer r4 авито

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antminer r4 авито

Формат показать все Формат. Of course we assume that all factors remain constant which is almost impossible in the antminer world of Bitcoin. This means that the Авито R4 will eventually produce a profit, but only if the network hash rate, Bitcoin price, and electricity costs stay the same.

Bitmain Antminer R4 Home Miner 16nm th In-hand | eBay

All of those factors are a big IF, since the network difficulty almost always increases. So you are definitely taking on risk with this miner, and it may not be worth your time despite the many benefits it provides over other hardware. One of the most unique features of Antminer R4 is that it was designed to ensure the least possible sound with the maximum hash rate. Antminer R4 replaces the traditional fan with a rotary blade system.

antminer r4 | eBay

It appears that Nakamoto was right. The distributed maintenance of the blockchain, crowdsourced with financial incentives, is what gives power and resiliency to the Bitcoin network. If, on the contrary, only a few large operators maintain the blockchain, then the network becomes de-facto centralized, and its stability is threatened by 51 percent attacks. Therefore, bringing Bitcoin mining back to small miners at home seems to be a very good idea.

It is, antminer all, still possible to mine at a profit, and those who invest in modern mining equipment can still recover their investment and make some extra money. However, modern mining rigs generate a lot of heat and make a lot of noise, авито reduces the appeal of home mining. Enter Bitmainthe producer of Antminer. Early next week, Bitmain will launch the latest addition to its bitcoin mining product line, the Antminer R4.

antminer r4 авито

It can deliver a hashrate of 8. Submit text NOT about price.

antminer r4 авито

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