Eastshore antminer

January 19, Just had a second eastshore arrive today and antminer of the boards is not showing up on the miner. So I have an email off to Eastshore to see what they are going to do to address this. Not to happy right now.

eastshore antminer

Found the problem, loose cable on one of the controllers. Second unit now has all boards hashing. However this second unit appears to run much hotter temps than the first unit I received. Will have to monitor. Watts used antminer the wall are w. Longsnowsm on January 20, Originally the A4 announcement was in line with the numbers from the L3. The A4 chip testing seemed to indicate they would be able to hash at these rates for a lot less power. Then something was lost in translation as they bundled chips on eastshore boards. The A4 should be hashing like this and consuming this little power.

Antminer L3 - mh - watt Scrypt miner coming soon

I think that is up to Inno to figure it out and get it fixed. I sill cannot get over watts. It is pretty impressive. I just moved them over to Zpool.

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It was antminer pretty good on Prohashing. I eastshore let it run for 24 hours on zpool. Connect the power cord. All connection was done. But actually, you need only 2 of them.

eastshore antminer

We strongly suggest you connect the PSU via the two connectors far away from the little green board the controller. See the following picture you should use the connectors inside the red circle: The most important thing is: Open the IP scanning software, set the scan range as eastshore Then you can find out the IP of the miner. The following picture showing a scanning result of a miner. Antminer IP of this miner is " There is no this device at " You can also try every IP address if you are not very sure which IP is the miner.

Sometimes, it is also shown as " Texas Instruments, Inc antminer, as the following picture showing: Whatever it showed as, you can just click the little triangle before the IP to see what the device is. For Antminer, it antminer show as " antminer Configuration " like the following picture showing. Power on the PSU. Scan the ip of the miner.

Login the configuration page via the configuration ip you scanned eg. The msi gtx 1060 armor 3g ocv1 майнинг username is " root " and eastshore is " root " too, and then click " Login ". Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. This is an archived post. Want to асик antminer d3 to the discussion? Visit antminer offical litecoin website at litecoin. Click here to visit our Twitter. For miner configuration, plz use the ethernet cord to connect the miner to the same router which your PC also connected.

Your PC is just needed for miner configuration We pack the products very carefully, but cords inside the miner might fall out during the delivery, so, if eastshore miner cannot start normally, please open the case and check if all the cords inside eastshore miner are properly connected.

If you have several miners, please make sure put them far away from each other. Connect the miner to the router by internet cord. Power on the miner. Press the switch button as the following picture showing on the miner for a few seconds until the fan and the LED light run.

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