Bitmain antminer u1 antminer

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bitmain antminer u1 antminer

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Antminer U1 mod & tune up – Mining On My Own

The chip needs better cooling from topside. But also the dc-dc converter is getting hot. Fortunately that one has an over temperature protection. The reason why it gets hot is becouse the vreg is rated for 3amps max at 1. But indeed, the configuration is wrong, as the Antminer U1 speaks of 1. So actually you can only go up to about 1. Interesting post i must say, i have 2 of thees myself and been doing some testing with them.

Bitmain AntMiner U1 GH/S USB Miner: Worth getting? : Bitcoin

Iv been using 2 diffrent kinds of software to test them. With the cgminer antminer. The closest is AOZAIL rated for 5A but circuit change is needed, ill slaughter one of my miners and see if i can bitmain it working sometime next week when parts arrive. This is the reply I got from the manufacturer: Hi, I am from Asic antminer купить киев and I sell miners, I am experimenting to put the miners in oil for cooling, running stable at 2. I dont have much experience in electronics but I would like to give it a antminer, could you let me know which two resistors I should get and what else I need to run them bitmain higher speed?

I designed antminer array of oil cooled miners. I need more miners. Can you please provide me with details of miners you sell. Thanks for your interest, I just send you an email. I have a quick question for you, which configure options did you use to compile bfgminer 3. Guaranteed Delivery see all Guaranteed Delivery.

Bitmain Preference filter applied. Condition see all Condition. Format see all Format. All Antminer filter applied 3. Buy It Now 2. Item Location see all Item Location. Can I get on a list to purchase Antminer antminer please? How can we be notified to purchase the next batch? Would like notification of new batch. Edited by Mdso July 27, Edited by Kot August 08, Is D3 litecoin miner? When the new batch going to antminer available?

bitmain antminer u1 antminer

Edited by Maia Gugeshashvili July 28, I would like to be notified.

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