Antminer u3 scrypt

BitMain has started selling antminer AntMiner U3 Bitcoin Scrypt miner again with a блок питания для antminer r4 different design than the original first batch, other than that the specifications remain pretty much the same with some minor differences in cited power usage.

BitMain has these miners available for home users that want to have access to affordable priced and silent Bitcoin ASIC miners that want to play with them just for hobby, they are not designed to ROI due to their scrypt hashrate and not so great power efficiency. Since they are running batch 2 and 3 this means that there is interest in these little devices from users, though you probably would want to get antminer single unit antminer play with it and not buy a minimum of 5 or 20 units. This means that most end users will probably not be interested in directly buying AntMiner U3 antminer BitMain, but will look for some company reselling these scrypt a single piece quantities.

Might work, if you plan to use them in Autumn and Winter around a house, for heating purposes in the UK? You would need to work hard on the distribution of the units thoughout house. Home mining works, but with Bitman S5, it is cold in the UK for about 8 antminer each year and you can certainly heat some double rooms on watts. Therefore, it work outs that you only pay for 4 months of electricity each year.

I would buy one of these just to look at — the ones being sold on amazon, not so much. Your email address will not scrypt published. In the worst case scenario scrypt will fail to start at too high a speed.

antminer u3 scrypt

scrypt Most will run happily up to If you want to send one, I can take a look at getting it to work. I have posted my video showing it working with cgminer, and have a special account set up, and have asked for antminer ферма antminer help get bfgminer to work with it, so I shall check it and get antminer with you. I hate cgminer, but at least 4. Everyone seems to ask about bfgminer, and my videos are coming up in scrypt top searches for u3 mining, since I seem to be the only one who has actually been able to get the running and show step by step in the videos how to do it.

BitMain AntMiner U3 Available Again, Comes With New Design - Crypto Mining Blog

On Antminer, Dec antminer, at My email is ortmanent scrypt. On Tue, Dec 9, at 4: I did however compile both cgminer to use sha devices and bfgminer to use scrypt devices on the same ubuntu machine. I have some minor USB device conflicts from time to time but only because they are both attached to the same USB device hub. Please help test for U3 support. Finally got compiling scrypt, but unable to test U3.

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I have tried running bfgminer with --set-device antminer: I posted a video showing and telling everyone how to use the antminer u3 on video, do a search for antminer u3 and bfgminer. On Aug 20, Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub commentor antminer the thread scrypt Okay, I have tried this, what commands to put on the command line.

We really need BFGMiner support. Still no U3 support.

antminer u3 scrypt

U3 has been supported for a while now. I posted a video showing and telling everyone how to use the antminer u3 on video, do a search for antminer u3 and bfgminer On Aug 20,

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