Antminer u1 driver

CMD on your desktop.

How to Install, Use, and Overclock an AntMiner U1 Bitcoin ASIC Miner in Windows

The contents of this command file should be as follows: Double Click the command file. If you get any errors: The number antminer "--bmsc-freq" will change. Your must add additional cooling to your device. I recommend a strong fan blowing cool air directly onto your AntMiner U1.

Hero Member Offline Posts: The only thing I have been struggling with is following: PaintShopPro6 on January 09, JakeC on January 10, For Antminer you will need to run Zadig. If driver did, have you tried to restart the machine? I remember having had troubles there in the beginning as well. And make sure you use cgminer from the driver repository, not the "regular one", but I guess you did that?

Suika on January 15, January 15, Just tested it under windows. The hasrate gets reported correctly there. Im guessing cause there is no AMU support in bfgminer 3.

antminer u1 driver

I was hoping someone could compile a windows install of bfgminer that will support Antminers, since i have no background in programming. I antminer actually considering getting one of those myself but was advised to go with a Beaglebone Driver instead. There are 3 different CRC-5 standards: Please try antminer match general location I think the very bottom with driver-hashfast. As far as I could tell this is not a straight hex conversion but is a lookup table of some sort. You can see the table of hex values and corresponding clocks here: True we could do our own lookup table, but then users would antminer d3 что это to refer to documentation anyway to see what valid clock rates are.


How to use Antminer U1

If the setting begins with "x" parse it this way perhaps? Or maybe someone at bitmain can explain the values better? True - but what would you suggest? Seems bad practice to have two areas that say "4" for a driver when 1 would do. Also antminer tell me why you are fighting tooth and nail for this? Again why would you want to specify the driver of an Icarus based driver in 2 places instead of 1?

USB Antminer U1 – Mining On My Own

You are driver suggesting that. SSH antminer is no problem. That would probably be preferable but Antminer d3 сайт производителя think would take someone more versed in the codebase than myself. Thanks for the quick response. So the antminer u1 devices should be setup with the winusb driver or the sillabs driver to work properly? Cause they are currently setup as sillabs and as soon as I type in the -S all the program crashes. I small update on the performance of the Antminer U1.

I see you use ubuntu but when Antminer go to use the cgminer for linux it not a tar. You can mine any SHA coin with this Antminer: Very helpful — thanks! Just acquired 3 U1s and this will help me get driver on my netbook running Ubuntu They claim that driver need a CP driver and Zadig installed before you antminer install cgminer. Got it built and running on Ubuntu Just got into BTC mining and have 1 Antminer setup antminer test bed. Here is a link to a simple calculator for PPC: I am not that into Windows, if you have Windows driver better check Zadig drivers.

antminer u1 driver

Yo man, I used the command line: I also used the other lines as driver. Any ideas what should I do? I am new to this. I just purchased 1 Antminer and I antminer having problems. Windows 7 cgminer and I use Btcguild. Can you help me out?

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