Antminer l3 overclock

Mining Rig Rentals | Rig: AntMiner L3 #3 OverClocking - Mh/s

overclock It has resonating sound that is very hard to bear for longer duration. Power consumption and Overclocking potential This is not a scientific review by any means, but you can get the point of what this machine is capable of. Some chips have less leak and perform antminer other draw more Amps. Overclock is the table of different settings and results. Check out this table bellow. It shows very clearly that these bad boys ASIC chips scale very nice across all settings: Hero Member Offline Antminer Why does no one READ the very top thread in this section? You posted this in the Bitcoin section and that is an altcoin miner.

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Overclocking antminer L3+'s : litecoinmining

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antminer l3 overclock

Pool advertising is allowed but should be kept to a minimum. What wear and tear will you cause As the difficulty increases and new more advanced mining equiptment is created then the units we use today are less profitable, i would be very surprised if this miner is profitable in 3 years from now.

Antminer L3+ - slight overclock : litecoinmining

This is why I believe over clocking is the best option in terms of profit. The difference between over clocking and not overclocking is Bitmain has found the most efficient speed to mail the miner where the hashing power compared when compared to power use is at its lowest rate. Overclocking just leads to additional power usage.

Ok, then how about the power question.

antminer l3 overclock

One antminer is to possibly upgrade the FW. Does the miners total hashrate still report close to or can you see a significant drop in hashrate indicating that the board is no longer working? As long as antminer keep the temps down the electronics will last as long as they would of before hand. I am running Aug 25th firmware and the one I just got in the antminer for dogecoin today is running Aug 20th firmware.

Since I got the first one Overclock average around 30 HW errors every 24 hours. Chip overclock is important but ask yourself what adjusting the frequency actually does and why this causes the miner to antminer more power. Can they handle it? The most likely scenario is that the chips were initially tested during design to see how high the frequency could be pushed before overclock starts to occur.

Antminer L3+ OVERCLOCKED !!! HOT !!! full review with LOTs of pics

Too me, I think its worth it. But I can also see it your way as well. Some do not want to add more risk into an already risky equation

antminer l3 overclock

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