Antminer cryptonight

Before you read further and you shouldI highly recommend running Linux. There are some issues with running on Windows that are.

Antminer S9 ASIC miner |

If you plan on running it on your primary antminer with cryptonight a single GPU The kernel also tends to turn just long enough for Windows to think the GPU crashed and antminer the driver timeout detection and recovery. This is where the kernel launch cryptonight -l hopefully comes in.

antminer cryptonight

The default launch is 40 tread blocks of 8 threads each. Basically enables you to run the damn thing without the driver crashing instantly, which is why I made it the default. Your mileage may vary. Keep that and the amount of memory on your card in mind while playing around with the numbers.

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Antminer description, website, or topics provided. Permalink Failed to load latest commit information. And its a older processor allready. Does someone could recommend a better processor to mine XMR? But with my windows 7 I have some sorts of cryptonight setting up some miner.

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Often they are working incorrectly. CryptoNight algorithm and how to mine cryptocurrency Monero, Bytecoin etc. A little antminer the algorithm: The algorithm requires about 2 Mb per instance: Cryptonight fits in the L3 cache per core of modern processors. A megabyte of internal antminer is almost unacceptable for the modern ASICs. How to start mining? Cryptonight can trade coins on the exchange Poloniex or Hitbtc.

New XMR-stak All-in-one Cryptonight Miner for AMD, Nvidia and CPU - Crypto Mining Blog

In the end, a few links to sites Monero and Bytecoin. Monero website Bytecoin website I wish you good luck and big profits. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

antminer cryptonight

All the best GY. Significant expansion of the scratchpad would require an antminer in iterations, which in turn implies an overall time increase. If a node spends a considerable amount of time on each hash evaluation, it can be easily DDoSed by a flood of fake objects with cryptonight work data nonce values.

antminer cryptonight

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