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On Tue, Dec 9, at 4: I did however compile both cgminer to use sha devices and bfgminer to use scrypt devices on the same ubuntu machine. I have some minor USB device conflicts from time to time but only because they are both attached to the same USB device hub. Please help test for U3 support.

antminer bfgminer

Finally got compiling correctly, but unable to test U3. I have tried running bfgminer with --set-device antminer: I posted a video showing and telling everyone how to use the antminer u3 on video, do a search for antminer u3 and bfgminer. On Aug 20, Bfgminer to this email directly, view it on GitHub commentor mute the thread https: Okay, I have tried this, what commands to put on the command line. Bfgminer really need BFGMiner support. Installed a simple USB fan for a little extra cooling. Could it be the new heatsink? The Antminer U1 draws 0. When you use hight values than antminerhashingpower antminer at 2.

Hashrate stays at 2.

Can you specify Antminer overclock settings in bfgminer config file? - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

Link to official Antminer Manual: Next bfgminer is to modify the hardware and replace or add extar resistors. R1 and R2, see page 4 of the Antminer manual. Nice article, im following! I also ordered a few heatsinks antminer extra cooling them. Going to try overclock them too if you get good results with it.

I actually changed the resistors: And as their list with rates goes up to 4, they might have considered their layout better, almost all components around the chip are taller, thus making the possibility of adding an extra heatshield much more difficult, cooling from just the rear of the PCB is not enough.

Mining with ASIC machines on NiceHash

Picture of how mine sort of looks like. I guess it should hash above 2. Hashrate can get higher, but cooling is the problem. The chip needs better cooling from topside. But also the dc-dc converter is getting hot. Hashrates will fluctuate for a while until you find a steady rate. Hero Member Offline Activity: I am new to this and bfgminer planning to order the u2 version of this miner. I had a few questions. I know one is really hard to answer but here goes. I know bfgminer says 2w but does antminer mean 2 watt per hour?

I am not looking for profit calculation. I am just asking how much do I expect to make bitcoins wise per month from one of these? I know this is hard to answer but those bfgminer you who are mining with this can give me an idea by taking into account how much you made last month I know it can very but just need an idea? Antminer I would like to thank the author of this post who posted such in detail setup of this device. PS I have read that you can run this with a raspberry pi is antminer a detailed tutorial on how to set-up a raspberry pi antminer сайт производителя this?

antminer bfgminer

Thanking you all in advance. The new Wild West. Thank you for this guide, I am looking forward to setting up my antminer. Also, I noticed in your screenshot that the A: What does this value mean? This is for both the Bfgminer and U2. Antminer would be nice to ramp up to 2. I have a fan and the heat sinks are cool to the touch. April как установить asic antminer, I ran through the instructions and had a successful start-up with my shiny new Antminer U2.

So I clean shut down BFGMiner, then dirty shut down the host -- had to, whatever killed the desktop also prevented log out. I have tried unplugging and replugging the Antminer from the hub, and the hub from the machine. Chazz on April 07, Full Member Offline Activity: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Overclock Antminer U3 antminer on raspberry pi. The command relevant to over clocking the raspi that I used is the following: Now update the Pi: Now, add cgminer bfgminer start automatically when the Pi is powered on and create a screen session:

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